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Introducing Veco Dish Soap

We’ve got some exciting news to share—say hello to our newest addition: eco-friendly dish soap! 🌿✨

You know us for our trusty veggiebags and bread bags, but we couldn’t stop there. We wanted to tackle another big issue: harmful standard dish soap that’s killing marine life as well as the pesky single-use plastic bottles they come in that clutter our sinks and harm our seas. So, armed with a dash of inspiration and a sprinkle of determination, we set out to create a solution.

Why did we take on this sudsy challenge? Because we were tired of seeing standard dish soap harming marine life, polluting our precious seas, and even posing risks to our own health. We knew there had to be a better way—a formula that was kind to both our dishes and the planet.


Our journey to eco-friendly dish soap began when we won seed funding back in 2021, placing second at the Climate Change Action Awards. It was a proud moment for us, but let’s be real—the funding process was no walk in the park. It involved mountains of paperwork, countless presentations, and nerve-wracking pitches. But in the end, our dedication paid off, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to develop our idea further.


Armed with inspiration and determination, we set out to create a solution. We wanted a formula that was tough on grease but gentle on the planet. And after plenty of trial and error, we’re proud to say that we’ve done just that.

That’s where our eco-friendly dish soap comes in. 🌊🍽️ Formulated with care and crafted with conscience, our dish soap is free from parabens, sulphates, and other nasty chemicals. No more worrying about harmful residues lingering on your plates or leaching into the waterways—it’s clean, pure, and honest.

veco dish soap malta packaging eco friendly

And let’s talk packaging, shall we? Instead of those plastic bottles that stick around forever, our dish soap comes in a convenient kraft refill pouch. It’s a small change that makes a big difference, reducing single-use plastic and minimising our ecological footprint. Plus, it’s super easy to use—just refill your existing bottle and suds away!

But wait, there’s more! Our dish soap isn’t just tough on grease—it’s also gentle on your hands and kind to your skin. With its fragrance-free formula, you can wash your dishes with confidence, knowing that you’re not exposing yourself to any unnecessary chemicals.

So, whether you’re scrubbing away at a sink full of dirty dishes or just giving your favourite mug a quick rinse, do it with a clean conscience. Our eco-friendly dish soap is here to make your dishwashing routine a little greener, a little cleaner, and a whole lot happier. 🌱💧

Ready to make the switch? Head on over to our shop and add our eco-friendly dish soap to your cart. Your dishes—and the planet—will thank you! Cheers to cleaner sinks and clearer oceans. 🌊🌍

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